Essentials for a Better Waxing Experience

The summer is on its way. For now, Spring brings pastels, cute knit cardigans and some flowing blouses. We may be displaying the odd bit of leg here and there so prepare yourself for when/if the sun shines.

Now, I am not an experienced waxer by any means, I tend to steer clear of what I perceive to be the most painful thing you could put your body through for beauty. Pain is beauty, eh? Well, I’ll stand (and dance) all night in a pair of squishy courts balancing my weight on a pin sized heel. Now that, my friends, is painful.

However, all joking aside, there is loads you can do to ensure your waxing experience is a little more errr…comfortable. First things first, choose the right salon! There are salons that are mostly dedicated to just waxing. They wax women all day long. These are the professionals, they know what they are doing – stick with ’em!  The Irish Beauty & Fashion Blog by Stephanie O'Quigley & Siofra Tobin. Talk to us - @SnappedUpBlog.

Otherwise, there happens to be some amazing products on the market that will come in very handy especially if you are a regular waxer…

The Body Shop Soothing Aloe Gel

You can rely on The Body Shop for the most soothing, gentle and pure products for your skin. This is exactly what we have here. The Body Shop Soothing Aloe Gel is a great addition to their aloe vera collection of products.

  • Cools and mositurises
  • Use whenever skin needs extra care
  • Use on targeted areas or over whole face
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

It is important not to use any product on the skin before your waxing treatment however, this smoothing gel from The Body Shop will cool down the area in the days following your wax meaning you will minimise the risk of any irritation to the skin.

Lycon Mango & Guava Sugar Scrub

I’m heading into try Lycon wax for the first time this week so they lovely team at Brazilia Salon sent me out some products, ideal for prep & aftercare of any waxing treatment. As we all know, gentle exfoliation of the skin limits the risk of ingrown hairs after or in-between your wax or shave.

This new Mango & Guava Sugar Scrub is a  luxurious waxing spa-quality, oil-free sugar scrub for the entire body – even a little on your face is perfect. It gently exfoliates and moisturises at the same time, without leaving oily residue on the skin. Its important not to scrub too hard as not to irrigate the hair follicles, especially in sensitive areas – massage & loosen them gently. This scrub is perfect for easy and subtle exfoliation on your wax treated areas.

Lycon Mango & Guava Body Lotion 

The better condition your skin is in, the easier and less painful your waxing experience is going to be. One way we can ensure our skin is in good condition is to keep it hydrated & alive before and in-between waxes. However, don’t use creams (especially scented ones) 24 hours after waxing!

This is a  multi-purpose luxurious and exotic blend of Mango, Guava and Jojoba Oil all in one cream – its a heavy moisturising treatment so leave time for drying. It contains and Vitamin E & B which both effectively minimise the visible signs of ageing and creates a barrier on the skin to protect it. Lycon have designed their products specially for use in a professional waxing salon so they know how the skin needs to be treated to ensure minimal discomfort.

You can also use this treatment as a good hand cream – I’ve left mine out in the bathroom so after I was my hands I pop a bit of the exotic lotion on to nourish my cuticles & nails!

Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads

These innovative babes  have taken the beauty industry by storm and for good reasons too. The have appeared on Xpose numerous times and have recently won a Social and Personal Magazine Award for  Best Intimate Waxing Aide.

There are 40 pads in the tub for €7.99 and are recommended to be used after every wax or shave. They contain panthenol, rosemary and salicylic acid that all help combat those unsightly bumps and lumps. They also have a side which gives a gentle exfoliation to the area as well.

I have already done a full review of Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads here on so check it out!

I’ll be back on the topic of waxing pretty soon as I head in for my first professional experience tomorrow evening. Eeeek!


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