Favourite 5 Online Clothing Websites

By Stephanie O’Quigley.

With an increasing addiction to shopping, both online and off, I write this post in hope that I can share my lovely internet finds with you. Tried and tested. Here is my Favourite 5 Online Clothing Websites, on a silver platter..

In no particular order:


Glad to start off with an IRISH example! Surprisingly enough, this website sells a lot more than just dresses. Dresses.ie boasts collections like ‘Kim Kardashian’ & ‘Kate Middleton’ both of whom are my favourite style icons. No, I’m not being sarcastic!

This website is particularly good when it comes to an occasion. Extremely sophisticated dresses, many of which are over the knee. Keeping it classy ladies. 

Sneak peak of Dresses.ie

dresses.ie 2


Another IRISH website with huge range, you can spend hours ( & many €’s ) on this site. I am especially loving their jewellery collection, it would definitely revive any outfit!

They also stock Karora tan (read my review here), hats, eyelashes and scarves. There is just no end..


Boohoo to me is a classic, though its not around very long. Relatively cheap prices and very quick delivery. I like to think of it as the online version of Pennys/Primark.

Anytime I have ordered the delivery was within a few days and also, the comments underneath the items are helpful when deciding what size to choose. Other women post how the piece of clothing felt for them. Very dandy indeed!

Here are some examples of what Boohoo has to offer –

New trend on Boohoo.com

boohoo.comblack and gold


Ah here, do I need to say much about this one? Covers a large price range. You can get anything from designer gowns to the basic vest top. All under one roof.

I LOVE Asos because you find really different things you could never find in any high street stores. Only downfall is slow delivery. They clearly think their packages are worth waiting for…They are clearly right!



A bit on the far side of the pricing scale, NastyGal is an American site full of lovely loveliness. Especially suited to the fashionista in you, NastyGal will fulfil your Oliva Palermo side rather than Dunnes Stores St Bernard. Didn’t think you were the only one to remember that now, did you?


Another few of my favourite sites are Romwe.com, Vavavoom.ie, MotelRocks.com.

  Happy shopping ladies!


(Images sources – www.boohoo.com, www.iclothing.ie, www.nastygal.com, www.asos.com, www.dresses.ie)