VOYA ‘Lazy Days’ Review

By Siofra Tobin

So, as you know we love trying out new products and brands here at SnappedUp. Particularly an IRISH brand! I have used many Seaweed based products such as moisturisers and eye creams but I have never had an actual Seaweed bath. VOYA is a multiple award winning Irish brand with an exceptional range full of natural beauty and skincare treatments. Their products are a combination of their very own certified seaweed and other organic ingredients, which create a natural and unique product that has an amazing effect on your skin, whilst leaving it conditioned and super soft! So I was lucky enough to try out their ‘Lazy Days’ package which included a net of their nourishing hand harvested seaweed, and a sachet of their finest sea salt. I also sampled their ‘Time to Shine Body Buff’ which I absolutely loved. So here’s how I got on!

VOYA 'Lazy Days' by snappedup.ie

VOYA ‘Lazy Days’ by snappedup.ie

I absolutely love natural and ORGANIC products. So when I received this ‘Lazy Days’ package I was really looking forward to seeing the effects this organic seaweed would have on my skin. The seaweed comes enclosed in a net along with a clear large sachet of sea salt in a neat little box. Nice packaging is always a bonus! As instructed, I ran a very hot bath and I then added the sea salt along with the seaweed. I then let it soak for a few minutes and let the water cool down before I hopped in! The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous aroma of seaweed that filled my bathroom, I literally felt like I was relaxing at the spa! I then immersed myself and relaxed for twenty minutes, leaving enough time for my skin to soak up all the nutrients from the seaweed. The seaweed aroma made a relaxing bath but I my skin already felt cleansed and much softer. It was my choice to leave the seaweed in the net but you also have the option to cut the net and let the seaweed soak around you. When I got out, my skin felt completely revitalized and a lot smoother. Normally when I get out of the bath my skin feels dry and I always moisturise straight away. However, after my seaweed soak my skin felt so hydrated and nurtured. I’ll definitely look forward to more of these treats! I highly recommend this ‘Lazy Days Package’ to anyone who wants some great skin therapy or to give a great gift, and guess what? It’s only €18.00 from www.voya.ie. Very reasonable price for an Organic Package which will leave your skin looking and feeling great!

The next product I sampled as part of the VOYA range was their ‘Time to Shine Body Buff’ which I loved and will use again. I have tried sooo many different exfoliator’s, but this one I really liked. Like the rest of their products, this is also seaweed based and is overflowing with natural oils and ingredients, which VOYA are known for. I tend to get quite dry skin on my arms and elbows, but after using this product, it left my skin ultra soft and so fresh looking.

'Time to Shine' Body Buff by VOYA

‘Time to Shine’ Body Buff by VOYA

This product can be found HERE and it costs €10.00. You gotta love a good exfoliator and VOYA do it well! So not only do we want the VOYA products for ourselves but they also have some great gift ideas on their website for those of you who are interested in organic products. Definitely recommend trying this skincare range out! Check out their website for more of their products at www.voya.ie


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