‘Polar White Pro’ Pen Review

By Stephanie O’Quigley

So how about a stocking filler idea or just a perfect pressie for yourself this Christmas. Have you got your teeth whitened and feel you need a top up? Polar White Pro is a powerful tool to significantly transform the shade of your teeth. I highly recommend this product for people who drink a lot of tea, coffee or red wine. Polar White Pro is excellent at cleaning the surface stains of your teeth and making them noticeably white.

I’ve read a lot about this Polar White Pro teeth whitening pen and I’m glad I’ve finally got the chance to try it out. When a product gets so much media attention, its irresistible to try it. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and as you can see from my post on teeth whitening (Click here to view), I’m pretty experienced in this field!

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Polar White Pro pen comes in a small silver box and is a small silver compact application. I’m calling it a ‘pen’ because it simply is a pen! Nice n’ handy this pen fits perfectly into my make-up bag, and thats where it stays.

On the instructions you are recommended to use it for 5 consecutive days and like a good girl, thats just what I did. I popped it into my make-up bag (for details of whats in it, click here) and finished off my daily make-up routine with a slick of the whitening pen.

I watched as the surface stains of my teeth slowly faded away. Once you apply the clear gel you begin to see the surface stains leaving you with clearly visible whiter teeth. Its a cliche but you can really see it happening before your eyes.

I recommend using this product everyday. Like I said, try putting it with your make-up and get into the habit of making it the last thing you do. Its such a nifty little applicator its perfect for being on the go and it doesn’t require any rinsing. It leaves you with a minty taste and no sticky feeling in your mouth. Simples.

The whitening tool retails at €24.99 and has FREE SHIPPING to Ireland! It is available to buy online HERE.

Get in contact if you’ve tried Polar White Pro – snappedup.ie@gmail.com

(Photo’s courtesy of PolarWhitePro.com)