‘Dress My Legs’ Tartan Tights Review

By Stephanie O’Quigley.

A few weeks ago I had a chat with Daria from DressMyLegs.ie (Check out my blog post here). They are a website selling tights/leggings and hosiery for all shapes and sizes/colours and styles. She told me how to incorporate tights into your already established wardrobe. As I found, they can really spruce up a old item of clothing! Myself and Daria looked at the runway trends that have included tights in their A/W12 collection and discovered how ever so in they are right now! Christmas presents anyone?

Daria was kind enough to send me on a pair of tights, lovely tartan ones as well! I am LOVING tartan right now! I really liked their style the minute I seen them. However, I was a tad worried about how to style them, challenge accepted!

With any piece of clothing that holds a strong pattern, it can be difficult to ensure you don’t over do it. I think we have had it easy with the past trends, block colouring and pastels for example. There hasn’t been any recent display of strong patterns to challenge us. But don’t get too comfortable ladies as tartan is making a return!

The first time I put the tights on I could sense the cosiness of them. To be honest I am well  used to Penny’s €1.50 opaques and these were a step above from that. Or try ten steps above! The tights retail at €13.95  (Click here to view) and I can safely say you can wave goodbye to the disposable Penny’s tights. ‘Dress My Legs pair are Denier 60, thick, cuddly and proper quality clothing.

So I wore them a few times to get a feel for them. Mainly I paired them with simple clothing. Baggy oversized cardigans and patent loafers/boots. I love the preppy style and I was able to incorporate these tights into it, they fitted in perfectly. Here is myself pictured wearing them, I have on a grey woolly jumper (Pennys), plain black skirt (H&M) and my patent leather style boots. To be honest, I didn’t feel as though I was wearing tights at all, so warm!

I got size small and I although I fitted the requirements for the size description (they go by height and weight) I was a little worried they were too tight. I feel as though they might be at risk of ripping. I might have been over paranoid with my new goods but if I’m being honest I would probably recommend going a size up.

Overall I would definitely wear another pair. For the price you pay and the level of the quality you receive its just really in a different league to any other tights I’ve worn before. I would advise wearing these with similar colours like I have shown in the picture. Its best to let the tights do the talking. Don’t forget if you would like anymore information about ‘Dress My Legs’ check out my interview with Daria or log onto www.dressmylegs.ie.

The tights shown are  O’HARA ARGYLE PATTERNED FASHION TIGHTS BY VENEZIANA – Click here to purchase. Images taken are from www.dressmylegs.ie. P&P for purchases for Ireland and Northern Ireland  is only €1.95  and free for purchases over 30.