Decadence Tan Review

By Siofra Tobin

Us Irish girls really appreciate a good fake tan. Particularly because we don’t get that much sun, and if we do, we don’t tan very well. I was a girl that always used to love her fake tans, but I took a break for a while, just because I was sick of the bad smell and could never find one I was truly impressed with (Apart from St. Tropez). However this week I decided to make a return and get that false glow effect once again. This relatively new Irish brand only launched in May 2012, and this exclusive tan seems to be proving quite popular! After reading many reviews and articles I was excited to try it. I was sent out a beautifully packaged box which included the Decadence Tan and also their Tan eliminator glove. So here’s what I thought.


Decadence Tan & Exfoliating Glove

This self tanning mist is an exclusive formula which has resulted in the ultimate tanning treatment for Irish skins. Its enriched with lots of organic ingredients and also has extracts of organic seaweed, which benefits the skin in so  many different ways. The scent of this tan is made from essential oils of Orange and petitgrain, and this is what makes the scent of this tan so lovely!

Application: Before I applied this tan I did my normal routine. I had a shower and I exfoliated to get rid of all those dead skin cells. Exfoliating is a must if you want to get the best out of your tan! After a few hours, I took out my tanning glove and I started to proceed with the application. As I was spraying it on and applying it, the first thing I noticed was how smooth it went on and how it looked so even on my skin. As I was nearly finished applying it to my body, I noticed the gorgeous bronzed colour straight away! It does look quite dark so don’t be put off. I then went to bed wearing a dark T-shirt and shorts, for once! Usually I throw on whatever and end up staining my clothes. When I woke up in the morning there was barely any odour of fake tan, which is a huge bonus! So I hopped in the shower and let any access tan wash off. When I got out and dried etc all I can say is that the colour on my skin was PERFECT! I’m always worried that when I get out of the shower, my tan will be completely faded. Well not with this one! The colour has a real natural holiday glow, yet still dark, which is just how I like it. This Decadence Tan gives the perfect bronzed glow to your skin, whether its for a night out or just to wear casually, this is worth a try for sure! For just €14.99 it’s so worth it! I’m wearing this tan in the pic below. So natural looking!

Decadence Tan

Decadence Tan

I also recommend their Tan eliminator glove. I used it before and after, and it works like magic. This mitt can be used for a multitude of purposes but it has to be one of the best exfoliator gloves I have ever used. Any left over tan comes off instantly and your skin is left feeling silky soft.

This Decadence Self Tan and the Tan eliminator glove retail at just €14.99 and can be purchased in salons and pharmacies nationwide. I have tried so many fake tans in my time, but I have to say this one has converted me!! If your looking for a fabulous tan, than this is for you. Another amazing Irish product for you to try out! Be sure to check out there website. Siofra x


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