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I QUIT SUGAR by Sarah Wilson

‘A sweeter life without the sugar’ 


So did I! I have been following Sarah’s blog for quite a while now. Her simple ‘I Quit Sugar’ title drew me right in and her excellent, educational content kept me coming back for more. Sarah was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and a sugar free life was the best option for her to maintain optimum health.

What I learnt from reading I Quit Sugar was more about natural sugars rather than the processed white stuff – we all know thats bad for us! Initially, I was shocked to hear Sarah considers natural sugars, like that in fruit and vegetables, bad for you but once I read into it more, I realised she had good reasoning to cut the natural sugars too.


However, I don’t 100% agree with her, I will never completely cut out natural sugars from my diet. Fruit doesn’t make you fat  (unless you eat it all day everyday and at that rate, anything would make  you fat!) and vegetables are full of nutritional benefits that have been nourishing humans for thousands of years. Isn’t this the way the world works? The Circle of Life?  When I did read more of the book I soon learnt where she was coming from and decided there is a right time, amount and type of natural sugars you should be eating…

She suggests initially cutting out ALL sugar in your diet and then slowly introducing some low-fructose fruit back in.Her point being –

Fruit contains a lot fructose. Sure, whole fruit contains vitamins, minerals and fibre, which slow the absorption of the sugar, but fructose is fructose.”

Sarah tells us we are designed to metabolise the amount of sugar contained in two small pieces of fruit a day, which most of us aren’t aware of. If this is all you’re getting in terms of fructose, then you’re good to go. BUT if you are also having other sources of added sugar/fructose such as a few squares of chocolate, breads or sauces then this is where its all going wrong. Don’t forget, sugar is in almost everything.


GOOD POINT – “A glass of fruit juice contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar. Which is the same amount contained in a glass of Coke. And it makes zero difference whether the juice has been freshly squeezed or has come from a carton. Same deal with dried fruit… it’s 50-70 per cent sugar.”

Quitting sugar completely is not for me, nor do I agree its for the vast majority of people. There has been countless studies done surrounding processed sugar and the harm it is causing people everyday. Its addictive and you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to quit it completely but once you do, you wouldnt believe why you didn’t do it sooner – I highly recommend it.

I stick to low-fructose based foods, just like I limit my intake of brown rice, sweet potato or almonds. I do my best to make the right choices where sugar is concerned but I’ll never wave goodbye to apples!

Not only is I Quit Sugar packed full of nutritional tips but it has an abundance of easy sugar free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You can check out Sarah’s website – – for more information. You can buy her book online in Easons for €23. 


DIET SOS By Lisa Fitzpatrick


I was kindly invited to Lisa’s book launch a couple of months ago which was held in The Morgan hotel, Temple Bar. Lisa had her proud family for support and celebrity friends also had a loads of lovely words to say about Lisa, her healthy living success and her ability to write a God damn best-seller. Not to mention, natural flare for fashion too.


Lisa has lost a life-changing amount of weight and has kept it off. I could really relate to her attitude towards healthy living and thats why I love this book so much, its a honest read from someone who has been there and lost the weight the right way.

Throughout the book, Lisa gives detail of her journey to the weight gain, the moment she realised she wanted to change and her lifestyle choices she maintains to have kept the weight off. I personally couldn’t agree with her ethos anymore – its all about the small lifestyle changes, they all add up. There is no quick fix to good health.

lisafitzpatrick -

Lisa changed her life and everything in it. Her current health status is a reflection of the choices she has made. She addresses emotional eating, mindful eating, eating out and even treating yourself as important factors in maintaining your weight-loss. Speaking from experience, I know for sure her attitude is the right one. Its really all about the mindset. Diet is not deprivation, its moderation.

In Diet SOS, you will also find some easy-peasy recipes too. You can buy Diet SOS in most good Irish bookshops or online at Easons for €14.99. 



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