New life in New York


New York has been my home since Saturday, so I have lived here for 7 days now and oh does it feel so good!


You may have been keeping up to date with my journey so far on Snapchat (StephanieOQ) ; the airport tears, the packing and the overwhelming tiredness after weeks of preparation back home.

However now, I am experiencing long days walking through the city, an abundance bright lights and hustle, Christmas sparkle and the crisp fall air. New York has it all.


I got stuck right into my work here in New York.  Most of you know me professionally as part of the Cocoa Brown team back in Ireland but now, I am working with some high-end, luxury brands managing social media.

And I am not alone. Thankfully I have some welcoming Irish girls and bloggers that have been a huge support for me. Check out,, and 

My decision to relocate to NYC was a big one, but something I have dreamt of since I was a little girl. A cliche for sure ; New York Minute was on replay for most of my tween years and my journals were filled with my imaginary life in New York (I kept a journal everyday growing up, I wrote absolutely everything that happened!)


You can read more about why I moved to New York here.

Leaving everything I owned and everyone I know to come to a city with 3 bags, a laptop and a dream is making for a life changing experience right ahead of me. When I think about everything, I get a bit upset and overwhelmed so I try not to think, just go.

So far I love the contrast of lifestyle I have to look forward to as I get myself into a working routine. Not driving is one of the biggest daily perks and of course, having everything and anything you could want right on your doorstep. I just have to get back into the habit of cooking and not eating on the go (or forgetting to eat!)


The city moves so quickly and at a high intensity. Back home I lived on a road with grass in the middle of it. However, I am taking the bull by its horns, I am ready to give New York all I got. If it doesn’t work out the nest will always be there. As one of you guys put it…

‘You’ll always be able to find your way back to the nest, the best chicks always do’ 

…which, at the time, set me off in tears but I know it to be true.


Bomber :, €49

Knitted sweater :, €16

Boots : TJMaxx, $99

Watch : Daniel Wellington, $200

Rings : Chupi, €99

Sunglasses : Catwalk Artane


New York is a way of life and something I have to adjust to but nothing has ever felt so right so quickly.

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