A Mexican Feast! Acapulco Dublin Review

Mexican may very well be my favourite food to eat. From a day-to-day basis, I genuinely crave fresh fruit, vegetables and coffee…of course. However, for something different I always loved a good bit of Mexican cuisine.



I’ve visited Acapulco on South Great Georges Street a couple of times before with my fellow Mexican loving friends. They amp up the spice and I, as a plain jane, stay typically mild in my dishes. In my most recent visit to Acapulco it was no different. Mild, but undeniably fresh and tasty real Mexican flavours.

As a clean eater, the thought of eating out as a negative always arises. A lot of people who consider the elements of a ‘healthy lifestyle’ wouldn’t include eating out as one. I order ‘smart’ when I eat out and focus on the healthier options on the menu and ask for extra protein or veg as sides rather than fries/bread. I also always ask for  my salad dressing on the side too. I love eating out and I believe you can maintain a clean diet while still enjoying different dining experiences regularly!

However, because I have recently been working at a new gym regimen (more on that later) and it has been really, really tough, last Sunday I wasn’t too concerned about what I ordered and had a teeny bit more indulgence than normal. It was so worth it…



On our arrival, the staff were extremely welcoming and pleasant. Its sounds boring and nothing out of the ordinary but there is nothing worse than being ignored or unnoticed when you walk into a restaurant. Nothing!

The decor of Acapulco is typically Mexican themed and almost kitsch looking. It has a surrounding balcony with seating which is pretty cool. The chairs are wicker and look like they might be hand painted. All these little details, along with the low lightening, create a good atmosphere and make it stand out as an original Mexican style hub.

I ordered the  (gluten free) Yucatan Spiced Chicken Skewers – Pepper and chicken skewers served with fried sweet potato, chopped salad, corn tortillas and house salsa.  And a side of refried beans. My fav.


I asked for the spice-o-meter to be turned down on the dish and the waitress told me that would be no problem whatsoever. Bring it on!


My partner in crime across the table ordered the Fajita Chicken Platter Acapulco’s authentic mix with onions and slice mixed peppers, served with guacamole, house salsa, sour cream and warm flour tortillas. And side of fries too. In for a penny…


The Fajita Platter included a full slab of sizzling hot chicken, plentiful flour tortillas (you can alternatively order corn ones to make this dish GF) and a number of different sauces for generous dolloping.

Acapulco Dublin

The food came out in good time and it was really, really fresh. To be honest, I was glad I had ordered the extra side. I was starving and don’t think the mains would have be enough alone. All this working out has me hungrier!

The house dips that came with our food were to-die-for and obviously made fresh – the house salsa was especially tasty. The refried beans were delicious and had a thick layer of melted cheese on top (dreamy) but I wasn’t so sure about their freshness. Divine, all the same.

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 It was safe to say we were stuffed because the food was whipped off the plates. Every single spice and herb vanished before our very eyes.It wasn’t my first time at Acapulco and I know it won’t be my last. I love Mexican cuisine, especially when its as fresh as this.

Our bellies were full of the perfect Sunday fodder and we teetered off home ready for an evening of newspaper reading and Made In Chelsea catching upping.

Check out Acapulco.ie or call 01-6771085 to book a table.


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