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By Stephanie O’Quigley.

This week I caught up with the lovely ladies from ‘Secret Fashion Fixes’ online store. I was browsing the net and couldn’t help but stumble upon this new ‘one stop shop’ for all your fashion mishaps. I was surprised to see something like this has finally launched in Ireland, at least somebody is with the programme! I spoke with company co-owner Dee Fitzgerald to hear about their wide selection of innovative tools, suitable for every fashion lover.

First off thanks for agreeing to have a chat with, we are delighted to share with our readers! I was scrolling through the website and I couldn’t help but think to myself – “Genius, genius, GENIUS!”. There is such a huge range on the site which appeals to brides, mothers to be and even younger party go-ers. Tell us how you came up with the idea for the site –

“I was visiting Nashville, Tennessee in the USA a few years ago and happened to venture into a shop which had a section for Fashion Emergency Products for ladies,  and I remember looking through these products thinking my God how amazing they are.  I had never even known such Problem-Solving products existed, and it was at that point I thought wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was an Online One-Stop-Shop for this type of Problem Solving Fashion Accessories  and that’s how the idea for came about.

Most of the problem-solving fashion emergency products & accessories on our website are sourced globally and have never been available to buy in Ireland prior to this, so they are new to the Irish market. There has also never been a dedicated Online One-Stop-Shop for this type of product range in Ireland so is the first, providing shoppers with one location where they can browse and purchase innovative and quirky Fashion Fixes, Shoe, Bra and Clothing Accessories and much more.”

Since you have only launched recently, how have your sales been so far?

“Now only three weeks old, we have got great feedback to our website and already have a good following on Facebook and Twitter. Every lady that visits our website loves it! Many of them have told us they want so many of the products they just can’t decide which ones to purchase first! So we are very happy with sales so far.”

I had not heard of most of the products on the site, my favourite products which I deem particularly useful are ‘The Panda Pen’, ‘Secret Stash’, ‘Folding Wellington Boots’,’Flatliners’,’Phone Fetcher’. Can you tell us anything in particular about any of these?

“I do love the above products and they are proving very popular with our shoppers…

..each product listed on Secret Fashion has been carefully selected with the greatest of care, and we have personally tried and tested all of the products and truly believe that they were invented by geniuses.”

No More Panda Eyes!










Ever look in the mirror and realize the eyeliner you paid top dollar for is dripping down your face? Dee Fitzgerald explains –

 “The Panda Pen is such a cleverly designed product, its small enough to fit in your hand-bag and so convenient to use. Basically with one click of a button you have a woven cotton tip which contains a conditioning eye makeup remover that is tough on waterproof mascara and eyeliner but gentle on your skin, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue. It is so easy to just run the Panda Pen under you eye and remove any mascara or eyeliner smudges and it will last you a long time.”

Secret Stash










We all have stuffed cash down our bra at one stage right? This is just a more socially acceptable way to do it! 

“The Secret Stash is a safe and secure way to carry cash, credit cards and other valuables around. It’s excellent on a night out if you don’t fancy carrying around your hand-bag, or if you are out clubbing and have left your hand-bag in the cloak room. There are lots of places you can attach it to your person so no-one knows it’s there.”

 Folding Wellies.










Since Oxegen ’12 never happened, I’m thinking next summers festivals will be better than ever. –

“I absolutely love our Red Patent Folding Wellies, they are so comfortable to wear as they are soft and have a fleece like lining which is very comfortable. Great to have at any outdoor concert, festival or general wear when out and about. I get great wear out of mine, especially in this climate! They also come with a black pouch which they can be popped into when travelling.”











There is a high demand for these babies because most of the time you wear your pumps with no socks they tend to get smelly easier, especially the cheep Penny’s ones! Fatliners are your solution –

“You often hear about lots of different products that can remove shoe odour, many of them just don’t work, or work temporarily, but Flatliner – Footwear Odour Killers are different. I now have Flatliners in all my Flat shoes and they work a treat! They are easy to insert into any flat shoe being self-adhesive, and are very comfortable to wear.  They can be placed in already stinky shoes or in new shoes as a preventative measure against smelly feet, extending the life of your favourite shoes. They also last a long time, I would definitely recommend them.”

 Phone Fetcher.










“Guilty of loving my large handbags as many ladies do, I absolutely love and now rely on the PhoneFetcher. Not that my handbag is messier or deeper than any others, it’s just for some unknown reason, my mobile phone can find the weirdest of locations to land in, which means when my phone rings I spend so long digging for it, it’s gone to voice mail before I lay my hands on it. Very very frustrating…. The PhoneFetcher is now the answer to my prayers and calls ;)”

– Me too Dee, ‘Secret Fashion Fixes’ seem to be solving all my problems!

Out of the huge product selection on the website, which do you anticipate to be the best seller(s)?

“So far we have sold such an array of our products, it comes back to my easier statement that ladies just seem to want every product! However just to name a few that seem to stand out so far, they are the Invisibelt which prevents unflattering bulges from bulky belt buckles, Hem Gems are a stylish way to temporarily adjust the length of your Jeans, Pouchee – Portable hand-bag organiser, Panda Pen and Mascara Shield.

I think Dee Fitzgerald covered everything we need to know about ‘Secret Fashion Fixes’. They really are made by geniuses, they make our life easier as us women head out to battle the world we face so many difficulties on a daily basis, it gets so tough. Ok, so its not that bad, but you see where I’m heading with this. 

And is it just me or does this shop ring a bell for Christmas presents? I can tell you truthfully my own mother is definitely ‘the woman who has everything’…I think ‘Secret Fashion Fixes’ just saved me a few days trawling through town.

All the mentioned products along with a further selection are available on