A Chat With ‘DressMyLegs.ie’

By Stephanie O’Quigley

We are constantly talking about the ever changing weather here at Snapped Up, its one thing you definitely can’t ignore if you’re Irish. I realized we have truly waved goodbye to the Summer this evening when I was coming out of the gym and it was dark at 7pm. No longer we will see that ‘good oul stretch in the evenings’ you hear people making small talk over. But its not so bad, just because its cold doesn’t mean we cant look fashionable and on trend. And it also doesn’t call for a complete revamp of the wardrobe, who has the money for that anyway! As I have learned, a few key pieces can go a long way. Take your simple tights and leggings for example!

This week I caught up with Daria from DressMyLegs.ie’, “Ireland’s online hosiery store with over 100 styles in fashion tights, leggings, hold-ups, knee-high and over-knee socks.” We talked about how much tights and leggings really can change an outfit. Remember that beat-up studded Levi shorts that were all the rage over the summer? You can easily carry them into the winter season with tights and a pair of biker boots for a ‘rock chick’ look.

Daria explains the potential hosiery can really have on your look – “they can [also] completely transform your outfit from minimal to glamorous, day to night, in an instant. Most importantly, each pair can be skillfully used to express the personality and individual sense of style of its wearer.”  I can’t help but agree with her, scrolling through their website they have a huge variety of different style tights,leggings and other hosiery. They also have a section dedicated to ‘Warm Winter Hosiery’.

“Hosiery has never been more fashion forward on such global scale than it is at the moment” she tells Snapped Up. She mentions Chanel, Burberry and even Victoria Beckham including hosiery in their A/W catwalk collections. Check out the pictures below for some inspiration. I never knew an item of clothing itself could be ‘in’. Did they ever go out in the first place?


















I can hear you girls gasping at the thought of straying away from the classic black tight. Chunky knee-high socks and thick tights may seem daunting. Daria gives us some advice – “When it comes to adding layers to your legs, experimentation is the key! Try coloured opaque tights under a pair of chunky-knit knee-high socks and lace-up boots, or if you don’t have long enough legs to pull off bright colour combos, go for closely matching shades of the same colour to make your legs seem longer. ”    Don’t leave these looks to the catwalk girls!

Alternatively, some of you may be on the more confident side which is great. ‘DressMyLegs.ie’ has it down to a T, whether its plain or a busy pattern you’re looking for. However, careful not to over do it. “If you are looking to make a bold statement for winter while keeping out the chill, then coloured opaque tights is the way to go…..the key is not to use too many textures or patterns in the rest of your outfit as this will make it too busy – let your tights do the talking!” Thanks Daria, we’re taking notes!

So what have they got? Apart from all this style advice on their hosiery, they have the right products to back it all up. Of corse I’m loving the wintery styles because they are current, but ‘DressMyLegs.ie’ also stock the basics. Black & opaque tights, black leggings and fishnet tights.

Here is some of my favourites; (Click on the images to be linked to the site)

















Thank you very much Daria for taking the time to chat with SnappedUp, and happy shopping ladies!

DressMyLegs.ie, Ireland’s online hosiery store with over 100 styles in fashion tights, leggings, hold-ups, knee-high and over-knee socks. Whatever your size, shape or occasion, at DressMyLegs.ie you will find a perfect pair to reflect your personality and style. Click here to check out their website. 

(All images courtesy of dressmylegs.ie)