The Best & Worst Protein Bars

Living in New York, I am more reliant on ‘easier’ ways to stay healthy. I am on the go and don’t cook as much as I used to or have as much access to healthy food as I used to so I find I often have to have a protein bar in my handbag for emergency situations. ‘Cause when hunger strikes, a girls gotta eat!

The Best

Quest Rocky Road

Apart from the Cookie Dough, S’mores and Raspberry White Chocolate Quest Bars, the NEW Rocky Road flavor is to die for and really similar to the real thing.

Quest are my go-to bars. They have sound ratio of protein, carbohydrates and calories, they taste good and are really filling. You couldn’t really ask for more.

If you’re new to the Quest game, definitely try the Rocky Road, Cookie Dough, S’mores or Raspberry White Chocolate flavors. They won’t let you down.

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Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookie

The weird thing about Grenade Carb Killa is that the White Chocolate Cookie stands out a mile in terms of its taste – its DELICIOUS!

Anyone who complains about the taste of protein bars, I always to tell them to try this Grenade one. Not only is it one of my absolute favorite tasting protein bars, it fits right in with good macros as well.

Less than 2g of sugar for 23g of protein is a good mix.


Quest Beyond Cereal Bar

The ‘King of Quest Bars’, Quest, have done it again. If you like Rice Krispie Square bars, you’re gonna love these.

For only 110 calories, you get a light, crunchy bar with 12g’s of protein. All flavors are tasty but definitely the Cinnamon Roll flavor wins in my books.


Rob Irvines Fit Crunch

Ok so this might be jumping to the gun here because I have only tried one flavor and one bar fro Rob Irvine’s Fit Crunch range butttt the Peanut Butter Crunch was really what inspired me to write this post!

The texture is crunchy and ‘carby’ and not overly nutty. Definitely has that ‘protein’ taste to it but tastes so good you would be almost certain you’re eating a Snickers or Mars bar!

Although the bar has a whopping 30g of protein, it does have 6g of sugar and is 380 calories so definitely to be eaten in moderation! I cut mine up into portions and enjoy for a tasty after dinner treat.


Fulfil White Chocolate Cookie Dough

Protein bars taking Ireland by storm;  the Fulfil range definitely doesn’t disappoint. The taste and texture of these bad boys even has non-fitfammer’s joining in on the protein party.

I must say, some of these flavors have to be hit or miss but if you’re looking for a solid hit, give their new White Chocolate Cookie Dough flavor a go.

Much like Quest, these Fulfil bars pack in a great pile of macros. Only 200 kcal (approx), 20g’s of protein and only 11g of carbohydrates. She’s hardly aware of their nutritional value but even my Mam has picked these up in Topaz for herself once or twice.

The Worst

Mars & Snickers Protein Bars

These taste pretty much like the real thing, you may as well be eating the real thing! The 13g of sugar just cannot be overlooked, especially when you can get the same amount of protein and taste from one of the bars above. Nice try Mars, nice try.


If you’re looking for a Bounty with added protein, eat a Nutramino bar. Found in petrol stations and grocery stores, these commercial bars can be easily mistaken for something healthy.

But with 15g of sugar alone and ingredients like ‘sugar syrup’ and ‘hydrolyzed collagen’, I can’t fathom these being anything your body needs.

Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

I have seen these floating around stores a lot and I guess even kids would mistake these for candy. Be wary if you’re thinking of buying one, they pack 30g of sugar and 380 calories in one cookie!

Power Bar

I wanted to include this one as its pretty readily available.

If the first ingredient of a nutrition far is glucose syrup, we have a problem. Its has 27grams of sugar in the Brownie flavor – more than a snickers bar!

This Power Bar may be high in protein but it is lacking any nutritious ingredients. This bar is coated and filled with processed syrups and sugars that will lead you down the road of digestive issues.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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By no means am I an expert but I do have a Diploma in Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. I have lost 5 stone so a lot of my knowledge has been built up over the last five years, through actual trial and error when it comes to food and fitness.

Please snap me if you have any questions! @StephanieOQuigley

What are your favorite protein bars?

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