My Top 5 Winter Skin Products

By Siofra Tobin
Well it’s coming to that time of year again where our skin can become worn, chapped and dry. With the cold weather coming upon us, we need to pay a little more attention to our skin if we want to maintain that healthy, moisturized glow! Here’s some top tip beauty products that will help banish those winter beauty blues! (and ones that I rate and use myself)

1. M.A.C Strobe Cream

Strobe Cream

I have only tried this product recently and I absolutely love it! My skin can be quite sensitive and dry at times and I always have to use some sort of primer etc before applying foundation. This product is a real ‘quick fix‘ for the skin and is powered with Potent Botanical’s (which are oils, juices and other components from Plants). It really does give a boost to the skin, it has a real dewy feel to it and that’s exactly how it looks on your skin. So if your looking for a more dewy and bright look, this is well worth a try. It can be applied as an over all base or even just used as a highlighter! It’s priced at €31.50 in any M.A.C Stores (a little pricey but worth it).


2. E45 Moisturising Lotion

E45 Moisturising Lotion

I know this product is a bit old-school, but some of those are definitely the best! E45 Moisturiser, you simply can’t go wrong. I change my moisturisers from time to time, but I just think E45 is one that can be used all year round, for most skin types AND it’s so reasonably priced and can be purchased in so many outlets/shops. It’s a really light cream also and can be used on the body and hands, not just your face! It’s also fantastic for anyone who suffers from Eczema(some of my friends swear by it) or any other skin related problems! It’s so cheap and wonderful, so why not have it? Prices range from €3.59- €7.00 depending on ml. For more of their skin friendly products click HERE

3. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream

This Moisturiser is known for use on the more mature skin type, but I still use it! It’s not just me who likes this award winning cream, but it’s also gotten so many good reviews from other bloggers, so it’s kind of known as one of the ‘Golden Products’. Basically I just love the thickness of this product, it has a real moisture to the texture where you know its going to just seep into your skin! This cream can be a little oily though, so should only be applied sparingly(which means it lasts a lot longer also!) Great for dry skin, particularly during the Winter! Can be purchased in a large number of stores. Prices range from €19.00- €38.00 depending on size, ml etc. For more click HERE

4. Lancome Cleanser and Toner

A Cleanser and a Toner is a must have for me. I love this duo from Lancome, a genuine cleanser and toner, with a real silky soft finish. The formula for this duo is especially adapted to the needs of dry skin. I find some toners quite harsh, but this one gently tones and immediately re-hydrates the skin while leaving the skin perfectly clean, soft and moisturised. This duo was a gift, so unsure about exact price. It should price between €30.00- €40.00 for this set. If interested click HERE for exact prices.

5. Vichy LiftActiv Eye Cream

I’m loving my eye creams/gels lately, and i’ve always been a lover of the Vichy brand since my teenage years! They have a new range of skin products out and this new eye cream is really good! I think an eye cream is important, particularly during the cold season as we always seem to look that bit more tired and dull, and were forever trying to conceal those dark circles! Use twice daily and you will start to see the differences within a few weeks. I felt my eyelids appeared to be smoother and lifted. The circles under my eyes also appeared less visible which is always good! It’s normally hard to find a good eye cream but this one is worth a try. Reasonably Priced at €22.50


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