My Teeth Whitening Guide

By Stephanie O’Quigley.

I decided to write a blog about teeth whitening not only because it has become so popular but also because I am very passionate & experienced! Haha, I like white teeth okay? I have been using different teeth whitening methods for about 3 years now and people are always asking me about them. Today, I decided to spill!

Siofra and I delighted with our ‘gnashers’!

Firstly, I have got my teeth whitened professionally twice. Once in Evolve Clinic in Swords and the other more recent time in Clane Hospital in Kildare. (They do cosmetic surgery etc!) Both times they definitely brought my teeth up a few shades brighter. So for anyone who is thinking of getting laser teeth whitening procedure, its well worth it and it lasts!

In order to maintain the brightness/whiteness, or for a cheaper alternative I also have some other tricks up my sleeve! Whizzer Whitening Strips are my first protocol. They come in a box of about 25 applications and retail at  €30. (Click here to buy/view) They are handy for after your initial laser treatment as a ‘top up’ or if you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ to a brighter smile. I usually pop them on before heading out as they dissolve in your mouth in minutes and leave you with a fresh minty taste & a bright smile. Handy is not the word!

I have also spent the last two weeks experimenting with Oral B 3D White Brilliance whitening toothpaste. It is a heavily advertsed product so I decided to try it and add it to the list of my ‘tried and tested’ so called whitening toothpastes. I stopped using the Whizzer Whitening Strips just to see could I notice the difference with this alone.

Well the good news is that this one really makes a difference. As far as whitening toothpaste goes, this one comes out on top if you ask me. It seems like a commercial fad but it definitely does what it says on the tin! At the small price you pay for this, it worked better than I expected.

Over all, you can combine all methods to maintain a bright smile or using any of these inexpensive products individually you will still notice a difference.

Without going all Simon Cowel style on the whitening, remember that your teeth may be the first thing a person see’s when they meet you. Its worth keeping them looking their best!

Any questions? Drop me a mail @!