Make-up products I cannot live without!

By Siofra Tobin

As many of us girls, we all have our favourite make-up products in our make-up bags that we pretty much use everyday and can’t live without! We all have different preferences and different brands that we like and dislike. For instance, some of us treasure a good foundation or primer (bit like me) or many of us love an amazing eye-shadow palette or a top eyebrow kit! In my makeup bag I have a range of products (high to low price list too) in which I use all the time, day and night. So lets get straight into it!

My make-up bag!

My make-up bag!

1. My Key Foundation: I have tried sooo many foundations in the last few years! For me, I love a good foundation with lots of coverage and luminosity and I tend to stay away from matte foundations! One of the most important things about foundations is about picking the correct shade for your skin tone and one that suits all your personal preferences. My newest favorite foundation is the ‘Luminous Moisturising Foundation’ by Bobbi Brown, click HERE to see the review I did a few days ago. Great foundation for day and night! It suits my skin and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Only thing about this foundation, if you have quite oily skin I would recommend not to use it as its quite dewy and leaves a very moisturised look! Nothing worse then a greasy looking foundation. Otherwise, get out and give it a try!

2: My Key Primer: As my skin is quite dry I always wear a primer underneath my foundation. For some reason I just feel like my foundation doesn’t look the same without it!! A good primer gives a smooth surface to work with, balances out the oils, makes your foundation stay on longer and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin! I have been using ‘Prime Time’ by Bare Minerals the last few days and so far so good! It ticks all the boxes for me and my foundation stays on for all hours and still looks the same as when I applied my make-up that morning. Always a winner!

3: My Brows: For shaping and defining my brows I used to use just an eye brow pencil, but lately I have become addicted to eye brow kits and filling my brows into perfection! I have been using Benefit’s ‘Brow Zings’ and their ‘High Brow Glow Pencil’ to shape, define and in fill in my brows! Both products I LOVE! The eyebrow kit comes with three small utensils for shaping, with two natural shades and a mirror all in a little compact kit! Perfect for nights out! And of course the packaging is as pretty as ever. Benefit do it best. The High Brow pencil is great too. Lifts and gives a shiny glow to the brow. Recommend both products if you love doing your brows.

4: My Key Blusher: As I am a blonde (well more of a dirty blonde now!) I tend to stay away from bronzer’s etc as they just don’t suit me and never really look that great on my skin. BUT, I always use a blusher and my make-up never feels complete without using it! I have always used a M.A.C blusher and have used many of their other products. They just have such a broad color range and a variety of products to choose from. Their makeup brushes are also amazing! Anyways. I use the ‘Margin Frost’ from their powder blush collection. Its a peachy tone with a golden shimmer added, so pretty and can be worn day and night.One of my favorite colors!

5: My Key Mascara: A mascara is one thing I CANNOT live without! I have very fair eyelashes and brows so when I don’t wear any, I tend to look like an albino! I have tried loads and loads of mascaras! My favourite everyday one has got to be ‘Volume Ultra Curl by Bourjois. Cheap and cheerful, leaves lashes volumised and is just generally a great mascara. For going out and special occasions, I normally wear ‘False Lash Effect’ by YSL and it’s safe to say it’s by far the BEST mascara I have ever used. I have been wearing it for years and it still does wonders for my lashes! I’m an eye lashes girl and I love a big, thick lash with lots of volume added! It’s one of the best selling mascara’s and I recommend it to every girl! Its amazing.

6: My Eyes: It seems to be the palette that everyone is still using and talking about; the ‘Naked Palette’ by Urban Decay. This palette is sooo good for those of you who don’t have it! I use this everyday for natural looks and use it for night time to achieve a glam look or a smokey eye! This palette has 12 different neutral shades and I use every single one of them for different looks. One of my BEST buys by far!

These are SOME of my favourite products! Ones I love and can’t live without. Makekup <3 Any questions, pop me and email –

My favourites!

My favourites!


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