Bank Holiday Strolling

Along with the recent season transition comes a couple of Bank Holidays in (what seems like) a row. This June Bank Holiday definitely crept up on me and had me doing that ‘I can’t believe its already June!!’ freakout. Who else agrees that the year is flying? I’m beginning to sound a lot like my Mam, or Granny.

Malahide Castle

The weather hasn’t been all too bad but as I always say, once its dry we’ll be grand. So on the sort-of-dry Bank Holiday Monday, myself and the girls decided to enjoy some  leisurely time well spent before Tuesday came back with a bang.

Malahide Castle

As standard, we moaned claiming ‘there’s nothing to do around here’. The funny thing is, people travel all over the world to come to Dublin – even feckin’ KIMYE for the love of God – so we best start appreciating what we have.

Heading North of Dublin, we ended up in Malahide Castle. No plans, no time restraints – just a day chatting, laughing, walking and well…eating! A lot of the stuff we like to do.

Malahide Castle -

Malahide Castle and Gardens is a fantastic location for families (the kids have plenty of room to run wild), couples (picnic’s on the grass were especially appealing, once its dry) or for single strollers, like us. The guided tour of the actual castle is €12.50 for 45 minutes but we weren’t up for that much of a commitment.

Stephanie O'Quigley - Malahide Castle

Instead, we pondered about and absorbed the abundance of beauty from the outside. We climbed trees and steps, holding on to broken ivy and and surrounding fences for dear life. Every once of classiness we thought we might have had went out the window.

carrie malahide

A lot of Kimye discussions came up in conversation too. Do you reckon they actually enjoyed their time in Ireland? We’re not so convinced.

Malahide Gardens

The surrounding grounds were occupied by dogs of every size, kids of every age, families and couples – young and old – and plenty of appreciating tourists.  The grounds are basically ‘free for all’ and although they are really well kept, there is no part off limits to roaming. Its a good idea to just get lost.


We people-watched as we walked, pretending not to be nosy. But after the first couple of drops of rain started to trickle, we knew it was the universe telling us to eat. Luckily, there was a feast waiting inside for us.


All that people watching and tree climbing can really take its toll on you! We gobbled and chatted and then had a polite snoop around this book lovers dream…

Avoca Books

Looking through all these books, I suddenly became interested in gardening, cooking, fishing and astrology. I definitely judge books by their cover. The fancier the better. I get lured in very, very easily.


Real Wisdom from Unreal Women? Sounds like my kind of deal. This one was my favourite.

“Looking at life through rose tinted glasses has always worked out for me.” – Risa Palazzo


Before we called it a day, we hit up Starbucks for our afternoon caffeine fix on the way home. A Grande Kenco Americano paired with a walk along the Malahide Marina was the perfect way to top off a Bank Holiday Monday.


Have you ever visited Malahide Castle and Gardens? What did you get up to this Bank Holiday Weekend?


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